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Review about UC Browser Mini app

UC Browser is the most renowned browser for the Android platform. If you want to avail yourself of the smooth and fast web browsing experience, then you must try UC Browser for Android and unveil the spectacular benefits of this web browser. The best part about this browser is that it is absolutely free to download for your android devices and comes with some very intelligent options like data saving, fast download, Ad- block functionality and an easy and fast downloader. The UC browser app has also developed various versions specifically for languages, an HD version and also an intelligent UC Browser Mini for the lower-end devices.

Features of UC Browser Mini App:

Packed with various intelligent versions and features, the UC Browser has long been winning the hearts of many Android users by becoming their first preference for any web browsing or downloading. Now, the features that have been folded in the intelligent UC Browser Mini are mentioned as follows:

1. Tiny Size

The application package and installed app of UC Browser Mini has a very small size which is especially great for the devices that are having lower specifications and are running short on storage. The tiny size of the browser will help you in having the best quality experience even with the lower- end android devices. Though it is installed with a very less space occupancy, it certainly doesn’t affect the browsing experience for the users. The browsing experience is always phenomenal.

2. Navigation Cards

There are different navigation cards in the mini-app of UC Browser which provides the users with local content and the services like cricket, videos, etc. on the navigation. The special navigation icons can also be placed on the home screen so that you can open the specific pages quickly.

3. Fast Browsing

As already mentioned, the browser has a small space occupied on your android device. However, the browsing experience is not affected because of the size of this app. The browsing will be flawless and better than many other browsers developed for the Android platform. Not only the fast net browsing, but the UC Browser mini will also allow you to save your data and time.

4. Smart Downloading

The downloading is one of the best things about UC Browser. There is a very smooth downloading option within the browser which supports downloading various files at the same time. There is also a very smart cloud downloading option. You can even pause your downloads and resume them whenever you like. This is one of those features due to which the users shift to UC Browser from other platforms.

5. Incognito Mode

Are you concerned about your privacy? Do you want to browse your web in a way that nothing from the session is stored on your device at any location? Well, that is absolutely possible with UC Browser mini where you can open the incognito mode and browse freely without any tension because nothing from your browsing data will be stored anywhere on your device.

6. Night mode

This is another outstanding feature present exclusively in UC Browser which makes it stand out from rest of the browsers. You can enable the night mode and make reading the mobile screen at night time more convenient for your eyes. The night mode is comfortable for the eyes and harmless too.

7. Controlling the videos with gestures

There are certain gesture commands by which you can control your video and change its brightness level, volume and progress of the video.

8. Much more to discover

UC Browser Mini has much more to offer the users. The cloud platform is commendable. The free disk, save page options and text- only are such features that cater to the requirements of specific people.

How to use the UC Browser Mini?

The application of UC Browser mini can be easily downloaded from any top- rated application distribution platform for the Android devices. You can run the app and browse freely; the smart downloading option will also allow you to download the files easily and conveniently. The user interface is very friendly, and all the other features in UC mini web browser for lower-end devices are quite handy for the users.

UC Browser Mini package information

Name UC Browser Mini
Developer UCWeb Inc.
Package com.uc.browser.en
Version 11.1.1
Size 2.8 MB
Requires Android 4.0+
Category Utilities/Tools
Added 2018-04-23
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