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Review about UC Browser app

One of the most popular web browsers for the Android platform is the UC Browser for Android. With various outstanding features, the browser lies in front of many others because of its high- quality data saving, ad blocking, and fast downloading features. UC Browser application will help you in accessing video, cricket, and other information easily and conveniently. The app has various other platforms that allow users to instantly access cricket scores, explore the video library on their Android devices and check out the latest trending videos and music information.

Features of UC Browser App:

The UC Browser is loaded with tons of features that cater to the requirements of specific people, and the user interface is also very friendly that allows even the layman to use this app easily and conveniently:

1. The updated web browsing experience

As already mentioned, the UC browser is one of the most popular web browsers for Android devices, and it is because of the updated technology introduced in this application. The developers of UC Browser have developed the U4 engine that is incorporated in the latest version of this application. It is known to perform better than the previous versions, and there is a splendid 20% improvement in web connection, video watching experience, web page stability, web page viewing experience, storage management, standard support and security of privacy, etc.

2. Small Window Mode

The latest version of UC Browser plays the small window mode too. In this mode, the video window of the UC browser is moved apart of the webpage and is played separately while hanged on the top of the screen. Thus, while you watch the video, you can continue chatting with friends or perform any other online task like browsing, online shopping or participating in different other activities. The browser will allow you to save a lot of time because you can multi-task without experiencing and video interruption.

3. Fast downloading

The UC Browser supports smart and fast downloading where the servers of UC Browser can speed up the downloads and make them stable. UC Browser also allows you to pause or resume the downloads making sure that least possible data is used and the loss of data is also avoided. Not only this, but the updated downloader in UC Browser can also accelerate the downloading process which saves a lot of time by downloading your required files instantly.

4. Cricket Card Feature

This is an interesting feature introduced by UC Browser. Since a big percentage of people using UC Browser use it for viewing cricket scores, so UC decided to introduce a special Cricket feature for the fans. Therefore, the live scores, details about match fixtures, results and other information about recent cricket can easily be searched and browsed through the cricket card.

5. Ad- Block

Annoying ads always disrupt your browsing experience. At UC, Browsers, the developers have made sure to provide users with a seamless experience, and they have incorporated an exclusive ad-block feature for this purpose. Thus, the apps that affect the browsing experience will now be blocked allowing you to make the most of your data and have a comfortable and convenient browsing experience. UC- Browser session will be Ad-free, and no more pop-up banner ads will be there to irritate you.

6. Facebook Mode

In this particular mode, the UC Browser web page is customized for optimum Facebook performance. Loading page and posts will be faster, and the network speed will also be increased giving you the best possible experience with Facebook.

7. Night mode

As the name indicates, if you are using your Android device at night, you can simply turn on the night mode and make your experience more comfortable and convenient. You will be able to read the mobile screen comfortably at night.

How to use UC Browser Application?

The UC browser is available for free at almost all the reputed Application distribution platforms. You can easily download the app from the app store and install it on your android phone. Just open it, and you will see various bookmarks and pages that you can browse depending on your taste. For going to a specific website, you can enter the web address on the top left bar, and for Googling, you can use the Google search bar.

UC Browser package information

Name UC Browser
Developer UCWeb Inc.
Package com.UCMobile.intl
Size 29.2 MB
Requires Android 4.0+
Category Utilities/Tools
Added 2018-04-23
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