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TutuApp is a china based app store alternative to Google Playstore.

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Review about TutuApp app

The Tutuapp is a China based app store which was developed in Chinese. There were a lot of Chinese users who used this app store for downloading games and applications. However, it hadn’t gained much familiarity in foreign people because of the language barrier. The developer has come up with an advanced version of the English Language. The name of the app is changed from Tutu App to Tutu helper. It has two versions, the basic version if the Tutu helper whereas, the premium or VIP version of TutuApp is also introduced. It became popular for the first time when it released the Pokémon go game.

Features of Tutu App:

The main reason why people have shifted to Tutu App and tried it is that they released a version of Pokemon go and tutu app was the first platform to do so. Moreover, they have included various hacks in this app store such as the fake location hack, GPS hacks, and the walking hack. There are many other features of this app that might not be present in any other app store. Different other features of this app store are mentioned below:

1. A wide range of games provider

As already mentioned, it was the first platform to introduce a version of Pokemon go game. In the same way, the app store can also provide you with different other games like Clash Royale, Assassin’s Creed and other famous games, etc. for the Android platform. With a wide range of hacks available, the Tutu app becomes even more interesting and intriguing for the users who want to try out this app store just for the sake of getting the hacks and using them to win their games. Tutu app is widely being used by many people, and it assures the players of a great user and playing experience.

2. Easily navigable application

Tutu App offers a great experience to the users and provides them with a relieved environment to play the games. The best part about this app store is its user interface. In the latest and updated version of Tutu App, the user interface has been modified to become user-friendly. So now, even a first- time user of Android device will be able to use Tutu app easily and enjoy the games that he wants to play. With the friendly user interface, the Tutu app also offers quick access buttons to you with the help of which the app store becomes easily navigable in between the applications.

3. Built-in cache cleaner and memory optimizer

There are an integrated memory optimizer and cache cleaner in Tutu app that keeps the android device stable and doesn’t burden the RAM with many loads. The device works absolutely fine while running this app because it is light and keeps on clearing the cache hence not slowing down the processing speed of android device too. The Tutu app is highly optimized for usage on all platforms like desktops, tablets, and phones.

How to use Tutu App?

Tutu app might not be available on all the app distribution software since it is a platform for many games. However, it has some really stunning features and must be given a try. It is available to you free of cost. You can find the APK application online and install it on your android device so that you can play your favorite games. It doesn’t matter even if you are having the unrooted or the rooted android devices. The application Tutu app will work fine on both types of devices. The installation method for both rooted and unrooted devices is simple yet different. So, you have to go through the installation steps according to your device type and then install the Tutu app properly.

The user interface is very friendly and easy to work on. After installing the app, anybody can open it and search for the required game or hack. The search results will come instantly, and the required file or hack can be downloaded and installed on the android device. The integrated memory optimizer and cache cleaner are a great advantage of this app since you will be able to keep the android device stable and optimized while running the Tutu app.

TutuApp package information

Name TutuApp
Developer 深圳兔讯科技有限公司
Package com.feng.droid.tutu
Version 3.0.5
Size 14.45 MB
Requires Android 4 and up
Category Utilities/Tools
Added 2018-08-02
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