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Review about ShareIt app

ShareIt is a well-renowned application that enables the users to transfer files of different formats from one device to another using the Wi-Fi connection only. It doesn’t depend on either the mobile data or Bluetooth,and thus, the transfer rate is very high. With more than 600 million users, the app has gone to the top rank in more than 24 countries. This certainly assures the reliability of this app. By the Bluetooth file transfer, the users always had the hassle of a slow transfer speed or the device compatibility issues. ShareIt has saved us from all the hassles by allowing us to send pictures, songs and videos to other devices very easily. Whether it be any document, audio, video or image, sharing files by the ShareIt app is easy and fast.

Features of ShareIt Application:

Below mentioned are the salient features of ShareIt that helped it gain the number 1 spot in apps.

Compatibility with all devices

The app is compatible with all the platforms whether it be iOS, Android, Mac or Windows. Thus, you can send any file you want to any device you want.

All formats allowed

The app allows the users to send any file that he might want. Whether it be your documents, images, videos or rar file, the app will share it with the other devices in a go without any hassle.

High-speed transfer rate

One of the salient features of ShareIt due to which the userbase around the world largely uses it is the high-speed data transfer. The app can work at a speed of more than 200 times that of Bluetooth connection. Therefore, ShareIt is one of the fastest data sharing apps available to you.

Undisrupted quality

The quality of the files will never be lowered or changed when you are sending files via ShareIt app. This is another great feature provided by this app that saves you from the hassle of the low quality transferred file.

No need fora network connection

There is no need for any mobile connection or internet connectivity. The app works only via the WIFI connection and is not dependent on any other service or USB connectivity. The app is highly reliable and doesn’t use the internet connection at all. So, you also not need to care about the data usage while using this app.

How to use ShareIt App?

ShareIt is one of the best ways to share apps from your android device to another device, regardless of the platform you are sending to. All you have to do is know how to use this app.

Open the app on your android device and the front page, tap on the button ‘send.’

Select the files that you want to send. You can browse the files concerning type or app too.

When you select files, press next,and it will start searching nearby devices.

As soon as you see your required recipient devices around, just tap it,and the sending device menu will open.

Start sending files at lightning fast speeds.

ShareIt package information

Name ShareIt
Developer SHAREit Technologies Co.Ltd
Package com.lenovo.anyshare.gps
Version 4.0.68
Size 14.2 MB
Requires Android 4.1+
Category Utilities/Tools
Added 2018-04-13
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