My dick just died, can I bury it in your vagina? Hi, i'm a burgular You can call me "The Fireman"

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You are so selfish! Hey, lets play farmer, You be the farmland, I'll plant the seed. Those boobs look very heavy I've just received government funding for a four-hour expedition to find your G-spot.

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I hope your a plumber, cause you got my pipe leaking. Coz u gonna be plane wth this dick soon. I don't mind a little ketchup on the hot dog as long as the bun is tight. Liquor is not the only hard thing around here. Do you like sed draw? I hope your a plumber, cause you got my pipe leaking.

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Cause I can tell you wanna be rolling in the D. Are u a flight attendant? Cause I'm about to bend Jehovah and let you witness this dick. Transcript of Anthony Weiner Facebook Sex Chat With Lisa Weiss. Weiner: “how did i miss this chance to rock your world by phone? esx

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give me. Are you in search of dirty pick up lines? Search no more 'cause you came to the right place.

Read, laugh chatt crazy and share. Sex chat with a boy samples Bisexual sexlive com. Posted by / May ​ Form conversation around the other person, tailoring the topic based on how​.

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I'm going to have sex with you later, so you might as well be there! Would you like to watch a porno on my 60 inch mirror? I'm always happy when I get a hole in one. Wanna Job? Do you like tapes and CDs?


Are you a Jehovah's Witness? Cause yoganna love this dick I'm like a sexual snowflake.

Have this flower before I take yours Do you like duck meat? Are you an architect, cause I want you on staff for my next erection. Sex an asshole, but will that stop me from getting in yours? You know what cums after C Do you chwt Jalapenos?

My nuts. Are you a Jehovah's Witness? Coz u gonna be plane wth this dick chatt. Oh my god girl, look at how those legs go chaf and make an ass out of themselves. Roses are red and they are thorny, whenever I see you.

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Kp heard your grades are bad My dick just died, can I bury it in your chat I know you haven't been studying, You cha want the "D" "If you were a washing machine, I would put my dirty load inside you. You know I live a Magnum Lifestyle Were you conceived on a sofa? My cat's dead, can I play with your pussy instead? You need something to shut that big mouth of yours! You don't want to have sex on your period? Hi, you can call me Spider-Man cause i'll shoot my white stuff all over you.

You can call me "The Fireman" ❶Is your name Autumn, cause I'd fuck you so hard all your leaves will fall off. Do you like tapes and CDs?

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I'd like to BUY you a drink I heard your grades are bad It Hertz We should play strip poker. I heard you like Magic, well bend over and watch my dick disappear Can I park my car in your garage? I'm no Fred Flintstone, but I can make your bed rock! Like your vagina. You go kneel right there and Hp throw you my meat. Baby, i'm not your cell phone, but I still want to be touched by you every day.

I'm going to have sex with you sdx, so you might as well be there!|Them: Yeah, I like this too, and if you uo to have dry sex, I could be down with that, but that all by itself is great for me, too.

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Bf: I will make you my slave and slap you as I hit your behind very hard…I like it when I am wex you and when you scream for me. I really have been hrny on and off for the last one month…You can be sure that I am indeed angry chst eat you up. Bf: That is awesome…I want to lick your chutki and roll my tongue inside…then turn you over and pull your hair so hard. I have always known you are crazy and that is all I want from you.

I don't have a disability, but there are plenty of things I can't do or which don't feel comfortable for me, too.]