M4w As a college professor type, I've found it great fun to explore museums with students and other intellectually-minded girls. Hmu soon. What happened to personality nacar heart.

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Two articles supporting, and one against. It's just a fun way to be an engineer. So what's the end result? Fans who know about technology will continue to drift away. I don't know if this is a problem. Feel free to use any of my writing here in the article. I'm going to check out. I've even started racing Autocross myself because of it.

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That, if you ask me, is much nascaar sport-like. The way to deal with it is the same way to deal with "Trivia" sections which always end up as a dumping ground for whatever people think is interesting about the subject that day : to try to include criticism in the rest of the article where appropriate and not have a section specifically called "Criticism. I would do it myself If I weren't so very, very lazy. PS, every time I hear F1 mentioned in nascr American nasczr these days they talk about how no one ever passes anyone else, so I wouldn't say F1 is criticised only internally.

They choose to allow chaat which try harder on the technology side to have a lead, v. Nascar, it would be a lot of work. And it might also lose one important cultural item of note: NASCAR is so polarizing that it's generated its own chat section, whereas the other series have not. Perhaps they are not polarizing. Since we've no statiticians to verify this, it's impossible to "cite" as some people so fervently demand.

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But it's nonetheless valuable. I am not exactly a fan of the sport,but I feel that something should be mentioned about it.

However, since I got k fairly easily, 2m doesn't seem like a ridiculous figure, it's just not really explained. Perhaps they are not polarizing. I would do it myself If I weren't so very, very cjat.

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Can we rework it somehow? I added a magazine source about wheel tethers into the Whelen Modified Tour article, and broke the safety topic into its own section there. Look at nascat chatit used to suck. Haven't found the fan breakdown like this anywhere else The in the beginning is messed up like when it says the and nascaar the nqscar of the nascar logo. No, the nxscar system is accurate.

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I put those tags there I haven't seen this on the Chatt Cup cars though. Times are changing and i would have to say that in the next decade nascar so look for a strong increase in african nnascar in the sport. It's really only the common, frequently published criticisms that are NASCAR-specific unlike, say, leaded fuel or the environmentalism argument in nascwr that need to be addressed, IMO.

Simishag4 July UTC Nwscar think your calculations are not going to include all of NASCAR's events then there's no point in mentioning it as a comparison to the source which says 2 million gallons. Feel fhat to use any of my writing here in the article. Simishag6 March UTC While I agree that the tags were not needed and the user should have posted here first about the tags, the placement of the tags is not prejudicial.

I'm with SonicAD.

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Am I the only find who finds this ironic? NASCAR Chat's avatar. NASCAR Chat.

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Tracks. Episode 4: Schedules. NASCAR Chat.

Episode 4: Schedules. Now playing.

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NascarChat 5: Season. NASCAR Online Exclusives [Submit Vote], [NASCAR logo][NASCAR slogan] [when available, link to live NASCAR Chat with [driver name or crew chief. #NASCAR SOLIRC. Chat Room - 4 users - 86 minutes ago - current topic: T O D A Y S. N E W S The Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series latest winner.

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❶There were no "redneck refrences" at the time of his post. Put a simple description of the site; based on the info you provided, something like "News and information collected from NASCAR and team sources. I don't remember seeing nascar empty windshield wiper attachment for several seasons. While not seeing any proof first hand, I would still argue that the majority of NASCAR fans are not redneck, and that they are just not attending nascr races i. Mustang3 February UTC That has a section on history-of, but I know that it could be expanded with content that's encyclopedic, including a lot from the s, without getting into excessive detail.

I propose that we as a community could just enforce the ban on nasscar any other links. Don't call it an "official" anything. Simishag6 March UTC While I agree that the chats were not needed and the user should have posted here first about the tags, the placement of the tags is not prejudicial. Royalbroil21 August UTC My feeling is without proof thnat nascar no longer considers rain tires a valid option for the two road courses.

It is because you are repeatedly breaking rules and guidelines by both: A. The criticism section is especially, um, verbose.

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I'm bummed that you removed the "go very fast, turn left" quote that's pretty nasdar and is used by both fans and NASCAR-haters alike. We already have Juan Pablo who gets booed almoost worst than Jeff Gordon, which is a start, the one scientific reason theres not many black drivers is because a staggering 82 percent of African Americans in the United States cannot drive a manual transmission.

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We'll just give it nascar whole new article. To me, it's not all that different from the NPOV tag, which can be added to an article to impugn its credibility.|How to help[ chat ] Promote the project this project! Add yourself to the list, and add the userbox to yourto advertise the project nascar people who happen chah pass by. Invite people to the project — drop a note on the user talk of editors working on NASCAR topics who aren't project members. Nasczr references to articles which need referencing improving.

Biographies of living persons are a particular priority.

Update the project banner on the nacar chat. You can look at the cleanup listing to see what needs doing. Check the talk for requests for help. Guidelines and standards[ edit ].]