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❶Amateurs mature lesbians in the woods. I'm thinking with your cowboy cowgirl? For example, it wouldn't be on-topic in the 'Facesitting' Forum, unless you specifically also mention Facesitting in your 'no-sandals' thread.

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Thanks Sara for being such a great sport about everything us guys on here talk about jessage request. When you think about it, most men like a particular body part.

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I already answered your comment about your deleted posts, in the thread you started in the 'Femaledom. Better Obard - I really don't understand the foot fetish thing.

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Besides, you already mention your dislike of sandals in your profile. Amateur crush college freshman. Soles of Silk Official sub-section for Soles of Silk www. What if you saw this on the streets?

Blue-eyed, buxom redhead waiting for one choice male to award the privilege of vying with his dollars for my attention. I would love to see your feet from top and side showing the top of your feet and the side with your arches showing.

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BTW, I know how you feel, I am just getting over pneumonia and the rest of the household has been very sick also. April hunter porn regarding april hunter as warrior queen wwe.|MagnumPM Any besides me that is. I'm just curious. It seems ballkicking and a foot fetish go hand in hand. Sara, Once again I beg thee to let us see your feet.

MagnumPM I would have to agree with Bodacious. High heels drive all the way to the bone or slap the sac. I like fetiwh kicks the best as long as her feet are nice. I have asked Sara a few times to see her feet. Maybe she will, one can only hope. messate

Foot fetish message board

messagw For ball-busting, I like nice rounded shoes blard trainers sneakers can do a great job, fetjsh boots, but more rounded ones. I guess for some there is.

Foot fetish message board

And nobody will be there unless people who are interested in foot fetishes like those posting in this thread actually post there and help bring that Forum back to life. Suggestion: Please help out by posting foot fetish related material in the Forum for foot fetishes. Even if fetis means posting both here and there.] Usually it's boobs but there are also leg men, etc. But you overdid it with hoard many repetitive, negative and off-topic posts.

Foot fetish message board

Porn melina mason squeezing her big tits and fat ass Video min. You are an active member in good standing and your posts are welcome. Feet Under The Table.

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BHE Sites. Would you be willing Toby Wood. Their best actions for finedoms. I don't want to bring this up in discussion, because that would just make a huge deal out of something that is just boad rather harmless fetish. Teen sex com here teen.

P pdie seite, auf die du zugreifen möchtest: gehört nicht zu pornhub.

Passions awakened sensual lesbian scene by sapphix. The ventures of messave slut with big tits Video min. Is this fetish of his actually coming between you in some way?

Here can money slaves post their tributes. Amateurs mature lesbians in the woods. Especially if I get complaints from other members reporting 'bad posts' or by Private Message about how tired they're getting of reading how much you dislike sandals, repeated again and again. Within reason, of course. Ben messahe and stripper. MagnumPM I would have to agree with Bodacious.

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For those NYC bard gay or bi men who also have a foot fetish, then come to a FootMenNYC 9apps.xyz for more info. Posted 10 years 2 weeks ago. Discussion Starter • #3 • Dec 30, I have a male foot fetish especially tennis men, I love the sport, but I also love it when the atp trainer comes to the rescue. May seem a bit esoteric, but when I say I have a FF people seem to ask me lots of odd questions. Maybe no retish cares. Just an idea on a boring.

Quick Reply I'm pretty certain my new boyfriend may have a foot fetish.

Foot fetish message board

Last time we had sex, during foreplay, he was kissing my entire body all over. He went all the way down kissing my ankles and feet, and popped my toes in his mouth and went to town sucking on them.

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I'm personally not totally into it. I don't really understand the fetish at all, but my 1 goal is for my partner to think I'm the best lover in bed, so I'll bite.

Foot fetish message board

I'm willing to go out of my comfort zone to satiate his desires, if this is what pleases him. I don't want to bring this up in discussion, because that would just make a huge deal out of something that is just a rather harmless fetish. Instead, I'd bpard just play into whatever little footsy fantasies by accommodating it into our lives.

Are there any foot fetishists on this forum that can disclose more info to me? Like what are appealing, everyday things I can do to appease his desires for my soles? Maybe I should start by wearing open-toed heels around him. Or begin asking messafe for foot massages and pedicures.

Foot fetish message board

Or rub my feet into his crotch when we are cuddling. I find it a little hilarious that out of all the craziest shit I've done in bed ballbusting, BDSM, orgies, champagne enemas, fdtish. Post Extras:.