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Review about Edmodo app

Edmodo is a brilliant app that creates a social network for your classroom.It is available to you absolutely free of cost and can be downloaded from Google Play or any other app store. Edmodo provides both students, as well as teachers, will a very safe place to cooperate with one another. The students and teachers are able to collaborate online and thus, studying,and teaching has also become digital with the help of Edmodo. The app promotes a digital environment for both students and teachers so that a community of classroom is devisedand learning becomes easy. With this digital learning environment, studying and teaching both become convenient.

Features of Edmodo Application:
Formation of Secure Groups

With the help of Edmodo, the teachers can form secure groups and add the students in the group so that if any message is to be conveyed to the class, it can be done easily on one platform. Thus, any assignment task or project guideline can also be uploaded and conveyed to everyone in the class. This app will literally promote digital learning and take it to the next level.

Connection between Teachers and Students

Edmodo provides both students and teachers with a brilliant platform to interact, communicate and collaborate with one another. Thus, the students are able to ask about anything and clarify their misconceptions or doubts. Moreover, the teachers can also convey any message that they want. This app will thus, remove the communication barrier between students and teachers. The students can have discussions with the teachers even outside the school hours.

Posting Assignments, Conducting Polls and Much More

As already mentioned, the teachers can post assignments, conduct polls and perform various other activities with the help of Edmodo. The app will certainly provide you with such facilities that will make it appear like a digital classroom.

Integrated Grade Boom

With the help of an integrated grade boom in the app, the students are able to track their progress and performance.

Different Groups for Different Subjects

It will obviously be difficult if there is a single group for all the subjects. In order to organize things in a better way, Edmodo allows you to create different groups for different subjects so that you can discuss specific topics in specific groups. Moreover, you can upload photos, videos,and files related to the particular subject in its specified group that helps to organize things very easily and conveniently.

How to use Edmodo App?

After your physical classroom, keep in contact with your teachers in your digital classroom through your android device. Just install the application of Edmodo from the app store and join your class group on it. You can access the classroom notes using this app easily. This application promotes the social learning environment by employing digital tools. Edmodo app is very beneficial for keeping track of daily tasks and assignments too. So, the students and teachers can stay connected with each other and discuss anything outside the school hours too.

Edmodo package information

Name Edmodo
Developer Edmodo, Inc
Package com.fusionprojects.edmodo
Version 9.9.3
Size 23.4 MB
Requires Android 4.0.3+
Category Education
Added 2018-04-13
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