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Review about Coursera app

Coursera is best known for providing millions of the people all around the world with the access to short courses related to almost all the fields by the famous universities. The app of Coursera is available on the Android platform which provides the user with more than a thousand courses that are uploaded by more than 140 best colleges and universities of the world. The app focuses on distant but high- quality learning of the students so that they can advance in their careers and can continue their education by mastering their respective subjects whether it is some hard and complex aerodynamics course or a Python programming related one or a simple data science course. Moreover, many interesting courses related to music and photography are also present. Thus, Coursera has covered almost all the subjects in its database.

Features of Coursera:
1. Learn from the top instructors

By learning any course from Coursera, you will be taking on a genuine course taught by a professional instructor who will engage the students in an interactive learning experience.

2. A wide range of courses available

The students can avail themselves of a wide range of courses available in the Coursera app, starting from mathematics to music or medicine; whatever subject you might want to study, you will find a related course in Coursera.

3. Online video streaming and offline viewing available

The video lectures can be streamed online, or if you want to view them later on too, then you can download the lectures for offline viewing.

4. Synchronized data on all platforms

Whether you are using Coursera on your app or the web platform, the progress on both platforms will be synchronized,and you will be on the go with your account whenever you want to. The quizzes, assignments, project tasks and the other coursework will always be saved,and you can start right from where you had left.

5. Multiple languages

The Coursera app is available to the users in multiple languages that include Russian, French, Chinese, Portuguese, Spanish and many others,etc. So, the users can select the language they are comfortable with and view the app in their preferred language.

6. Certificates

After the successful completion of the course, Coursera also issues the certificate of that particular course to you that you can keep your record. You can share the certificate with your colleagues or employers to let them know about the skill that you have learned especially. These certificates will help you in advancing in your particular field too.

How to use Coursera?

Using Coursera app is very easy and straightforward. All you have to do is download this app from the Appstore and login to your account. The courses are easy to search from the app,and the interface of this app is very user- friendly. Thus, start your required course and learn the specific skill. Upon successful completion of the course, you can even order your certificate and keep it as a proof of the skill that you have learned.

Coursera package information

Name Coursera
Developer Coursera
Version 2.6.11
Size 25.5 MB
Requires Android 4.1+
Category Education
Added 2018-04-13
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