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Religion and coming out issues for african americans

❶My family Bible gives witness to ancestors from american Georgia who were Baptist preachers, christian owners, and Confederate soldiers. Not all in Pastor Chogo's large congregation may agree with him, but most feel that unlike Mr Biden, a church-going pro-choice practising Catholic, Mr Trump - who is not known for his church attendance - is standing up for Christian values the world over.

In lateth-century Maryland, for example, one-fifth of Catholics were enslaved people owned by white Catholics or white Catholic institutions. We need somebody who defends the rights of believers. Juliet Binitie We need somebody who defends the rights of believers" Juliet Binitie A Nigerian theologian and preacher Yet Archdeacon Ezeji feels Mr Trump has more to do for the greater good, quoting the biblical story of Cyrus, a Persian king chosen by God to conquer Babylon which allowed Israelites in exile to return to Jerusalem.

Mr Trump has boasted that he has done more for African Americans than any other president in the US history, often touting low employment in the first three years in office - african Mr Ezeji applauds. Is the life of an average black person better today than seven years ago?

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xfrican Last year, in a national survey of more than 2, Americans, PRRI found that 86 percent of white evangelical Protestants, along with 70 percent of white mainline Protestants and 70 percent of white Catholics, believe that the Confederate flag is more a symbol of southern pride than of racism. Even when employing more sophisticated statistical models that control for a range of demographic characteristics, holding more racist attitudes is independently predictive of identifying as a white Christian and vice versa.

UBC is commemorating the occasion by sharing a video for use by congregations that day — which is ameriican deated as United Black Christians Sunday in the denomination — or on other Sundays of their choice.

African american christians

Mega churches proliferate in the Christian south of Nigeria - Africa's most populous nation - and in Kenya many politicians go to church sermons to address their supporters, such is their popularity. But if we want christiwns root out an insidious white supremacy from our institutions, our religion, and our psyches, we will have to move beyond forgetfulness and silence. By contrast, only 41 percent of white religiously unaffiliated Americans and 16 percent of African American Protestants agree; approximately six in 10 religiously unaffiliated white people and three-quarters of African American Protestants see the Confederate flag mostly as a racist symbol.

Doing nothing will ensure that, even despite our best conscious intentions, we will continue to be blind to the racial injustice all around us.|UBC is commemorating the occasion by sharing a africwn for use by chrristians that day — which is officially deated as United Black Christians Ameican in the denomination — or on aemrican Sundays of their choice.

The minute video can be found at this BoxCast link. It contains a collage of images and music celebrating UBC history, greetings from UBC President Zillah Jackson Wesley, and, starting chritsians after the 8-minute mark, a litany read aloud by UBC members with words displayed at the bottom of the screen. UBC is an active advocate for liberation and social justice at home and abroad. Wesley said UBC amerucan celebrate its anniversary throughout the coming year.

She encouraged UCC members and congregations chrishians watch for more resources over the coming months.] Virtually all of the zfrican white mainline Protestant denominations split over the issue of slavery. For example, Northern and Southern Methodists parted ways inthe same year as the Baptists, producing an additional spark for the tinderbox of Southern political secession.

While they disagreed about slavery, both Southern and Northern Methodists agreed that Black Methodists should hold a subservient place not just in society but also in Christian fellowship. And while the national United Methodist Church publicly supported the civil-rights movement, most white Methodists in the pews rejected or simply ignored national denominational directives and actions. In the South, white Methodists and other mainline Protestants were hardly distinguishable from white Baptists in their support of chrishians white-supremacist social order during the civil-rights era.

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In the United States, Catholics and Catholic institutions were prominent slaveholders in the 18th and 19th centuries and forced enslaved people to convert chrisrians the religion. In lateth-century Maryland, for example, one-fifth of Catholics were enslaved people owned by white Catholics or white Catholic institutions. Given this pervasive history, it is well past time for white Christians to reckon with the racism of our past and the willful amnesia of our present.

For most white Christians, this journey will be challenging because, as I have found, it is deeply personal.

Us elections: the african evangelicals praying for trump to win

My family Bible gives witness to ancestors from middle Georgia who were Baptist preachers, slave owners, and Confederate soldiers. My family moved from Virginia to Georgia after receiving land grants as a reward for military service in the Revolutionary War.

African american christians

Yet, today, a larger share of African Americans than aftican say they are Christian. And, of all major U.S. racial and ethnic groups, blacks are the. The maxim that “evangelical Christians are conservatives and Trump supporters” is so pervasive in our discourse that you would think it was. Abstract. There is an astonishing diversity of religious beliefs and practices in the history of African Americans that influences the presentation, diagnosis, and.

A quiet exodus: why black worshipers are leaving white evangelical churches

About sharing image copyrightGetty Images Despite making pejorative remarks about Africa, US President Donald Trump has attracted a devout following among some Christians on the continent. He has also warned that critics of the Republican president, who is seeking re-election in November, dislike his supporters.

African american christians

So the real ones that they hate are you who are Christians," said the pastor, whose broadcasts are popular around the world, including in the US. President Trump has been a polarising figure the world over but he is amerian in African countries like Nigeria and Kenyaafrican to a Ameerican Research american released in January, where supporters do not appear to be bothered that he reportedly referred to African countries as "shitholes" in Both Nigeria and Kenya are deeply religious countries.

Mega churches proliferate in the Christian south of Nigeria - Africa's most populous nation - and in Kenya many politicians go to church sermons to address their supporters, such is their popularity. Richard Chogo The Obama administration chrlstians been pushing a liberal agenda here in Africa and that agenda was of concern to some of us Christian leaders" Richard Chogo Chriztians pastor at the Deliverance Church in Kenya Many evangelical Christian groups in Africa, which are mostly anti-abortion, against gay christians and support Israel, were not keen on Mr Trump's predecessor, Democrat Barack Obama, despite his Kenyan heritage.

He praised the Trump administration for cutting funding to organisations, such as Marie Stopes, that provide contraception and safe abortion services in several African countries. The charity criticised the US funding ban, saying that it "put women's lives at risk".

African american christians

But Pastor Chogo agrees with the law in Kenya where abortion is illegal unless a mother's health is in danger, saying that to legalise the termination of pregnancies is part of a "population control agenda". Black Lives Matter 'hijacked' The agrican debate has been at the centre of US politics for at least four decades. White evangelicals have coalesced around the issue turning their anti-abortion movement into an influential political force.

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After the landmark Roe v Wade decision by the US Supreme Court to legalise abortion, white evangelicals, who were then not politically affiliated with either of the two main parties, backed Republican Ronald Reagan in the presidential election against christiane Democratic incumbent Jimmy Carter. Even though President Carter was an evangelical, they saw him as a progressive liberal - and their vote proved decisive and helped Reagan to win, NPR's Evangelical Votes reports.

You may also be interested in: media captionThe battle for the Christian vote in the US election Why Trump wants Sudan to befriend Israel White evangelicals have since become a key voting cbristians for the Republican Party and have extended their influence around the world, especially in Africa. This is despite black protestants in the US being overwhelming Democrat and critical of Mr Trump's record, according to a cheistians Pew Research survey.

African american christians

The Venerable Emeka Ezeji, a vicar and archdeacon in the Missionary Christ Anglican Church in Nigeria's south-eastern Enugu state, says his political views are only determined "by what the scriptures say". African Christians believe that a Republican president is better for the US and the world," he said.

How racial discrimination shapes religious convictions

He has been praying for Mr Trump to beat Democratic Party candidate Joe Biden in November, and set aside time every day to pray for aamerican president's recovery when he was recently in hospital with coronavirus. Like Pastor Chogo, he too believes that Mr Trump's africqn should not overshadow the "common good". For example, he dismisses the Black Lives Matter BLM movement, which Mr Trump has referred to as "a symbol of hate", saying it has been "hijacked or detoured from its vision".

Is the life of an average black person better today than seven years ago?

African american christians