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Review about 9Apps app

There is many applications’ distribution software developed for the Android platform, 9apps is one of then which is very popular in this market. It was started in China by the Alibaba group. It performed well and was received openly by the users all around the globe. Soon, it rose to prominence and in different countries like Russia, Indonesia, and India, 9Apps became one of the most popular 3 rd party app stores. Since 9Apps is itself an app store, so it is not available on Google Play Store. This means that you have to download 9Apps separately and then install it. After you are done installing the app, you can simply use it like Play Store.

Downloading and Installing Manual

The downloading and installing of 9 Apps is really easy and straightforward. All you have to do is download the APK file of 9apps from here and install it on your Android phone. However, you will have to enable the installation of apps from unknown sources too. For this purpose, simply go to settings and enable this option. In some devices or some versions of Android OS, the settings may vary. In that case, you can check with the device manufacturer. Once you are done with the installation, the app icon will appear on the launcher just like any other normal app, and you will be ready to use the android app store for free.

Best Features of 9Apps

9Apps, as already mentioned, is a platform where the software can be shared with the end users. Now, this platform has to cater to the requirements of both customers as well as the app developers. Other than that, the android store is also offering various fabulous opportunities for monetization for the application developers. This platform has turned out to be a great app store that can fulfill the requirements of any user.

There are various features of this app store which are mentioned as follows:

1. A Small Size

This application store is very small in size and is in kilobytes. The competitor, Google Play Store, on the other hand, acquires more than hundreds of megabytes of size. Once the installation is done, the Google play store will still keep the entire installation package. However, this is not the case with nine apps because the application packages are deleted once installation is done. This helps in saving a lot of space for the android phone.

2. Wide Range Of Content and Apps

There are different apps available for nine apps that are often deleted from the other app stores. Moreover, it can also unblock some of the apps that you are unable to access from other app stores because of your region. The other essential apps are also obviously present like Facebook, Twitter, Messenger, WhatsApp, Uber, etc. The store also holds a huge collection of music, games, ringtones, and stickers. By partnering with Amazon and Uber, 9Apps also provide you with free coupons and discount vouchers.

3. Very Good Download Manager

9Apps have a very good download manager as compared to the Google Play Store. You can put your pending downloads in a queue, pause them or resume. This download manager will turn out to be very fast regarding the downloads. The mirror server depending on your geographical location will be connected to enhance the download speed.

4. Custom Content

For downloading and installing apps, you need to create an account on the 9Apps platform. Your download history is easily visible, and depending on that, you will see personalized items. Thus, allowing you to find relevant apps faster.

How to Use the 9 Apps Tool?

The user interface is the best part about 9Apps which puts it ahead of the other app stores in the market. The search bar is also very convenient. Filters are also available so that a user can opt for an app from a specific category. The app store can come in very handy because installing apps through this store is very easy, even for a layperson. Thus, as compared to the other third-party application stores available in the market, 9Apps is preferred more because of the convenience and feasibility that it provides to the users.

9Apps package information

Name 9Apps
Developer 9apps Inc.
Package com.mobile.indiapp
Size 3.0 MB
Requires Android 2.3.4+
Category Utilities/Tools
Added 2018-04-10
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